Breathless is the first French film that I have ever watched.  It was interesting to see how the story developed.  Michel seems to be your typical bad boy who goes around stealing from people and runs away from the police.  He thinks too much of himself and seems to make everyone else seem like they’re not worth anything since he is so rude.  He also doesn’t seem to care about anyone else but himself.  As long as he is safe, he could care less about what happens to everyone surrounding him.  Also, you can see clearly how he takes his role of being a male very seriously.  He is always giving orders to other people, especially Patricia.  But you never see him take orders from other people.

The plot of the movie doesn’t seem to be anything new.  What makes it interesting is the way it is told and the techniques that are used.  I liked how the film contained humor in it.  It kept me interested to see what was going to happen next.  One of the parts that shocked me the most was when Patricia went out to call the police to tell them where Michel was.  I thought that she wasn’t going to do that, considering that she did love him.  And I didn’t expect Patricia to go back to Michel and tell him what she had done either.  One of the reasons for why I liked this movie, you never knew what to expect.

Breathless also contains a lot of jump-cuts.  The shot would be showing one thing and then all of a sudden, we found the camera shooting something else leaving the audience to just digest this and to keep up with what was happening.  Even though it used jump-cuts, it never got me lost.  It seemed to fit in perfectly with the movie.

Like most of the other films that we have seen in class, I enjoyed watching this film a lot.  I liked that it kept me interested because you just never knew the next thing that Michel would do, who he would steal from or who he would attack.

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