Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is by far the best movie that I have seen in the History of Cinema class.  It was an excellent film that was made and I think that for it’s time period, it seemed to be very advance with the technology.  The techniques used were also very good.  The scene that I selected was when Charles is with the dancing girls.  When he is dancing with the girls, the two other men begin to have a conversation with each other about Charles.

One technique that I noticed was used was that Wellles likes to use a lot of reflection.  I noticed that while the two men were having their conversation, Charles appeared in the reflection of the window.  The reflection was placed right in between the two men.  When Charles didn’t appear in the reflection of the window and the camera angle moved, his actual face would appear.  And again, it would be placed right in between the two men while they were having their conversation.  I think that this technique was used often to emphasize who the important person was in that particular scene.  This technique wasn’t used only in this scene.  It was used throughout the entire movie as well.

Another technique that I noticed was used had to do with the way Welles would place his characters.  They would be placed in sort of levels.  There would be one person all the way in the back, one more towards the front, and another one even closer to the camera.  And even though they were placed in different levels, people are still able to see all of the characters there.  Welles also uses a lot of close ups throughout the film.  And when he really wanted to focus on just one character, he would blur out the rest of the background and do close ups on the character he wanted to emphasize.

All of the techniques that Welles uses in his film serve a purpose.  It keeps the audience interested with what is going on in the film. Personally, I liked all of the techniques he used because it was a way to remind us who the characters were talking about and to point out which one were even more important.  It also kept me focused on the film because like I mentioned, I thought the film had a good use of techniques and technology.

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  1. yeongbinkim Said,

    October 20, 2011 @ 4:49 pm

    i agree ..i was interesting at the reflection things.. those techniques are really nice and i would never get those ideas if i lived at that time. comparing today, its not that adorable but, i think this film has the best techniques uses comparing to what we saw in our class..

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